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Infusion Therapy Procedures Summary

 Infusion Therapy Procedures Summary
Procedure Minimum Frequency (and PRN) Considerations
  • Loose, not occlusive, moisture accumulation, drainage, redness, or irritation.
Initial dressings will be changed PRN if saturated, and 24-48 hours post insertion of midlines, PICCs, and CVADs if there is gauze present under the dressing or drainage is noted.
Peripheral Every 7 days.
Midline Every 7 days. 
PICC or CVAD Every 7 days.
Implanted port With every non-coring safety needle change.
GAUZE DRESSINGS Every 48 hours.  
NEEDLELESS CONNECTOR On admission change connector to type used in facility.
Routine meds/fluids Weekly. Integrity of valve/diaphragm is influenced by frequency of use, fluid composition, and viscosity. Change needleless connector immediately if it is compromised.
Parenteral Nutrition Every 96 hours.
If there is blood in the connector or if it is cracked, leaking or damaged. Immediately. eg.: Post labs/transfusion/back-flow of blood.
(with clamp) Add to any external catheter that has no clamp (except Groshong™, PowerPICC SOLO™ and other similar valved catheters)
If extension set is added as part of original central venous access device insertion procedure under sterile conditions, it may be considered a permanent part of the catheter and changed only if contaminated or damaged. Sets added post-insertion are changed weekly or PRN. Use air embolism precautions if indicated.
Continuous Every 96 hours.  
Intermittent Every 24 hours. Any tubing disconnected between infusions. Attach a single use sterile cap to the end of the IV tubing when disconnected if using again within 24 hours.

Parenteral Nutrition Infusion 

  • Lipids only infusion

Every 24 hours.

  • Every 12 hours.
Secondary With primary tubing. Do not disconnect from primary tubing between doses.
Back-prime tubing from primary by holding the secondary bag below the level of primary bag until drip chamber on secondary tubing is 1/3-1/2 full.
FILTERS Change with IV tubing. Use air-eliminating type.
0.22 micron Routine meds/fluids. Completely bacteria retentive.
1.2 micron Parenteral nutrition/lipids in bag. Removes precipitates that may be masked by lipid emulsion.
No filter Medications that cannot be filtered.
SOLUTION CONTAINER Within 24 hours after being spiked. Inspect bag; verify label and expiration date prior to hanging.


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