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PharMerica Resources
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IV Flush Chart

Type of IV Device Pre-Use Post-Use Minimum Intervals
for flushing each lumen (whenever lumen is "locked" with no infusion currently running):
Peripheral IV Catheter
(length < 3 inches)
10 mL saline 10 mL saline 10 mL SALINE
every 8 hours +PRN
Midline, PICC
Subclavian or Jugular CVC

Percutaneous insertion/non-tunneled
Tunneled Catheter
(e.g., Hickman®/Broviac® type)
All Valved Devices -
(all PASV® or Groshong® brand VADs)
Note that valved products are available as
Midlines, PICCs, Tunneled Caths &
Implanted Ports
10 mL saline 10 mL saline

Flush with 20 mL saline: after TPN or anytime there is blood in the catheter or IV tubing
every 8 hours +PRN

Valved Implanted Ports: 
If accessed, 
flush as above.
If not accessed, flush monthly with 20 mL of saline
Implanted Port
(venous ports only)
10 mL saline 10 mL saline followed by 500 units heparin (5 mL of 100 units/mL) If accessed & not in use:
10 mL saline followed by
500 units of Heparin
(5 mL of 100 units/mL) daily.

If not accessed: 20 mL saline,
followed by 500 units heparin
(5 mL of 100 units/mL) monthly.
Post Parenteral Nutrition, Blood Reflux, or Transfusion Flush with 20 mL saline
(Followed by heparin flush if indicated per device type and if not resuming infusion immediately.)
Follow this protocol for Midlines and all central venous access devices regardless of the reason for blood reflux.
Dialysis or Plasmapheresis Central Venous Catheters Protocols vary greatly.
Obtain specific orders prior to flush or dressing change. Catheter care is usually managed by dialysis nurse only. Document assessment of the dressing routinely. Be sure that clamps are closed and needleless connectors are secure if they are outside the dressing.

Specific Prescriber's Orders are required for all flushes. 

It is mandatory to apply an anti-reflux needleless connector to every lumen of every IV Catheter to minimize the risk of clotted IV catheters. 

Scrub the needleless connector with alcohol prior to each entry. 

Make all tubing or syringe connections via the needleless connector - never connect directly to the catheter hub. 
Unless drawing blood culture from a catheter lumen then the needleless connector should be removed and culture should be drawn by connecting it directly to the hub of the catheter.