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PharMerica Resources

Online IV Certification FAQs

After taking your courses will I be “IV Certified”?

To answer this question, we must go back to the Board of Nursing in the state that you practice. Each board of nursing has rules on the requirements of LPN’s/LVN’s and RN’s and what is required to practice IV therapies within that state.

Very few states have actual “IV Certification”, most states require post licensure education, provided from an accredited organization. Some BON’s are very specific in what the course must cover, very specific as to how many hours the course content must contain, then other BON’s are very vague.  For the boards that are very specific as to what courses need to cover or have minimum course hours, we have made state specific packages, or state specific and state approved courses.

You may see each BON and their requirements from our State Boards of Nursing link here.

How long does it take to complete a course?

The number of contact hours set for each course, is the true number of hours we expect it to take to completely read a course, view videos and answer review questions.

Are there time limits for completing your course?

There are no time limits for course completion set by PharMerica. You may start and stop the course(s) as many times as you need and schedule permits, until the course is complete.

Do I have access to the information contained within the course after completion?

Once you purchase the course you always have access to the information, even after you have completed the course. We feel it is important that all information contained within our education is referenceable at all times. Just remember your log in and password and you can review the course at any time.

Can the information contained within the course be printed?

If the print option is purchased, or if the courses are purchased by a facility for staff, there is an option to print the content of the course. These courses are extremely long and will require a good deal of paper and ink. Only content is printable, test questions and videos will not be accessible, within the print option.

How do I complete the hands on component of a course?

In the last chapter of each course called “Resources”, you will find our skill competency checklists. These checklists will be completed with a preceptor. Typically these preceptors are an employee within your place of work. PharMerica always recommends that an employer choose an “IV champion”, with this person having completed education courses, so that they have a thorough understanding of the content taught to their staff and current standards of practice. Most states do not stipulate who the preceptor must be, but some states such as Florida state the preceptor must be an RN with a Florida license in good standing.

PharMerica also has a “balloon hand” method of practicing peripheral IV insertions that you may view here.

Does PharMerica report course completions to the Board of Nursing?

The student completing the course should keep copies of “Certificates of Completion” for their records and make a copy for the employer’s files. If the nurses is audited by their board of nursing, then at that time the certificates are provided. We also recommend that the student always keep a copy of any skills check-offs that they may complete, as well as the employer keep a record of all skills verifications.

Pedagogy does report course completions for PharMerica students to CE Broker for the State Boards of Florida and Georgia.

If this doesn't answer your question, or if you need help determining what courses best meet your IV Certification needs, email us at