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Oklahoma LPN IV Certification Package

Contact Hours: 14

Accreditation: Each class has it's own accreditation which may be reviewed on each class page.

Cost: $ 120.00

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Oklahoma LVN IV Certification is a package of education designed to fulfill the requirements of the Oklahoma State Board of Nursing as it pertains to LVN's and the practice of IV therapy.  Each state board has differing requirements that the LPN/LVN must meet in regards to infusion therapies. The nurse must be aware of the rules provided by the board for the state in which he/she practices, as every state's rules vary slightly. 

This continuing education package contains three courses in a cost savings bundle and provides Oklahoma nurses with 14.00 contact hours of continuing education. 
Oklahoma Legalities of Infusion Therapy is a review of the legalities of practicing IV therapy within the state of Oklahoma. This course provides the Oklahoma LVN with the specific rules set forth by the Oklahoma State Board of Nurses through the Scope of Practice and additional guidance provided through the Board's Position Statements. This section of education provides 1.00 contact hours.

Basics of Peripheral IV Therapy; Current Standards of Practice is a course designed to provide conceptual and operational knowledge nurses and nursing assistive personnel who have had limited exposure to infusion therapy principles and practice. It is imperative that all healthcare clinicians and nurses practicing infusion therapy remain current in their knowledge of infusion therapies, principles, techniques, equipment and the latest in infusion evidence-based practices. This course incorporates the latest Infusion Nurses Society standards to keep nurses current in these standards and provides 8.00 contact hours of continuing education

The Current Practices in the Management of Central Lines online continuing education course has been designed to provide current conceptual and operational knowledge to the licensed nurse responsible for the care of patients with central venous access devices. Ever changing technologies and the evolution of the licensed nurse’s role in the management of central lines requires up to date knowledge of changes in techniques, equipment, and devices in use today. This course contains current practices for best patient outcomes based of Infusion Nurses Society standards and provides the Oklahoma nurse 5.00 contact hours of continuing education. 

Our infusion and IV Therapy education courses all contain the skill competency checklists, that may be used by employers, facilities, and institutions to complete the skills verification of IV related procedures. The skill competencies are obtained and maintained with a preceptor or nurse's employer, facility, or institution. Our skills checklists facilitate the completion of the skills portion of infusion education. The checklists are found in the "Resources" chapter of each course.

This online Oklahoma LVN IV certification course package offers a 10% discount off our regular course price offerings.

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